The next part of our interviews with some of our past learners is with Lucy Khan.

Do you remember why you took our course?

I had spent 20 years as a graphics designer and 8 years as an energy assessor and wanted a new challenge. As a single parent, I needed something that would offer me flexibility with options for working at home as well as working in an office so decided to look into social media marketing. I could see that there were loads of businesses wanting people to do their social media marketing and I wanted to be a part of it. However, I realised that if I was going to do it, I needed to learn how to do it properly so I started to look for a distance learning course that would give me an accredited qualification and one that went into reasonable depth on how to use the channels. Your Diploma in Social Media for Business suited my requirements perfectly. I had an existing business – GoArty – a paint your own pottery business, which I could use to provide my evidence.

You started our Diploma in Social Media around a year ago. What have you been up to since?

I started the course around March 2016 and applied for a social media marketing job in a marketing agency in September 2016. Part of the reason I got the role was the fact that I was doing the qualification. It was a part-time job with great flexibility but I soon realised that sitting at a desk in an office just wasn’t for me anymore. I had been mobile as an energy assessor moving around buildings and going from client to client, and I found that sitting at a desk had a detrimental effect on my body and realised I needed to think again.

I continued to run GoArty while I considered what I wanted to do – and identified that I needed something which would give me repeat business, allow me to develop relationships with my clients, can move with me if I decide to relocate and allows me to physically move throughout my day. Pilates was the obvious solution – something that I love doing myself – and I am now just about to finish my Pilates qualification. I already run a couple of classes and look forward to expanding my classes in the future.

How has the course helped you grow as a business?

The course has given me knowledge and confidence to use the full range of social media channels as well as YouTube, blogging etc. It has helped me be selective in the channels I have used and be more focused and be confident that I am making the right choices.

“I now know the value of what I’m posting which means I’m writing more effectively”.

Even though I eventually decided not to manage social media for others – it did help me get that original job. Now, most of my Pilates clients have come through social media. I’ve no doubt that I have learnt a life skill that will always help me grow my own business.

What are your business / personal aims for 2017

I would like to build my Pilates business – increase the number of classes (through the use of social media of course). I might also look at taking further Pilates qualifications.

You can contact Lucy

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