Our third interview with one of our former learners, Caroline Ward.

You completed our ITQ Social Media Certificate around a year ago. How has your role changed since?

In addition to my existing role in the business, I have taken on the role of managing our social media platforms – particularly Twitter which is proving to be very successful for us and appeals to our audience. We do have a presence on Facebook but we don’t get so much engagement on this channel. We have found that more people are coming to our events because of what they see on Twitter. This year we are confident to double attendance from last year at our main event which takes place later in the year.

Do you remember why you took our course? How has it helped you grow as a business /person?

Taking the course has given me the confidence to use the platforms – knowing what to say, how to say and when and why to include hashtags. Because the course covered so much, it has generally given me more confidence to be online and try other technology.

I’ve also improved my personal network with partners but also in general, through the better and more confident use of LinkedIn. Although I don’t post as often as I should, when I do post, I can see that I get views – so I can see my personal profile building.

On a separate note, the course has made me more aware of the security issues around being online and I have been able to share what I have learnt with my family.

I liked the courses because they didn’t assume knowledge but built up skills and knowledge in a step by step way, giving informative and detailed information.

What are your business / personal aims for 2017

2017 will be business as usual for the business. We want to continue to grow awareness, increase our followers and promote events. We will also be sharing messages about our new cloud platforms which we are expecting to attract a different set of follows.

Caroline Ward can be contacted:

e:   caroline.ward@autodesk.com

w:   https://forge.autodesk.com and www.autodesk.com/adn

m:   +971 50 656 9027

t:   @ADNCarolineWard