Look at the graphic below from Penny Stocks – the size of the Internet is amazing. How does this affect us running or working in our businesses in our local town? How do you tame the Internet to ensure you are concentrating your marketing effort in the right place? There are a couple of approaches you could try (some better than others):

1. Have a presence on every tool and broadcast updates frequently with keywords in the hope that somebody will hear you. (Not a recommended approach).

2. Understand your audience (not only your customers, but also business partners, suppliers, influencers, brand ambassadors) and use the marketing channels on the Internet to talk to these people directly, engage with them and add value to their business.

3. Talk to people from all over the world who might be interested in your products or services – this can work if you have products or services to sell online or that can be delivered over the internet.  Find these people by developing relationships with key influencers.

4. Talk to people in your geographical area.  Concentrate on relationships with people in your local area and explore who else is using social networking channels in the area.

Which method works for your business?  Or do you use another approach?  Please share.

Click the image to open the interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).