LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn company profiles have become much more interesting with the addition of images and a new front page.  Your LinkedIn company profile will be visible to anybody on LinkedIn and will also be found by search engines so it is worth spending the time to make it look good.

Front Page Image

You can load an image onto the front page of the profile.  This is similar to the Facebook cover image (for those of you with Facebook pages), but the important difference is that you can include a call to action or contact information in the image.  This is a good place to  illustrate your branding.

About Us

The about us section has been moved towards the bottom of the page (another reason why your image needs to represent your brand).  It still includes a specialities section and you should make sure your specialities are keyworded.

Products and Services

You can create an additional page (with its own banner header) to list your products and LinkedIn Productsservices.  You can link each of your products/ services to a page on your website or use this area to publicise any special offers or discounts, links to downloads or events.  This area gives you the opportunity to keep people interested in your great content.  Note the first product in this list will be displayed on your home page.

The products and services page will show on the right hand side anybody who has recommended your products and services within your visitor’s network.  It is a good idea to ask for specific recommendations here.


Your company updates will now be shown on the home page of your company page. You need to make sure that these updates offer value and are interesting.  You can choose to ‘feature’ an update which will keep it at the top of the page.  This might be useful if you have an event coming up for example.   You should update your status at least a couple of times a week.  To encourage new followers of the company, share the update status at an individual level.

If you have over 100 followers of your company, you can target specific groups of people by company size, seniority, industry, etc.

What do you think of the changes to the LinkedIn company profiles?

By Mary Thomas