LinkedIn News

is a set of news feeds that appear on your LinkedIn home page or can be displayed on your smartphone LinkedIn app.

LinkedIn News
The news displayed is selected from a large number of possible feeds, based on  and the number of people in your network that have shared the news feed.

To select which feeds to follow, click on See All Headlines (or click News from the Menu bar).  This will bring up LinkedIn today.

On the right hand side, you can choose which sources or industry sectors to follow either by selecting from the right hand side or clicking on the ? in the top right hand corner and selecting Follow/Unfollow.

The sectors or sources that you have selected to follow will be displayed on the LinkedIn today page.  This is particularly useful if using the LinkedIn app for the SmartPhone as you can see a list of all feeds that you follow.

You can also save a particular news item to review later and don’t forget to share news with your contacts so your network can benefit from what you are looking at.