So my mobile number was transferred on Friday afternoon.  I had to turn the iPhone on and off to get the number working which wasn’t totally obvious, but all is fine now.

Applications downloaded so far include Social Media applications – HootSuite (I’m using the Lite version at the moment), LinkedIn and facebook.

I’ve downloaded Skype so, since my business line is on Skype, I will be able to get my business calls wherever I am.

I’ve also downloaded FStream and set it up so that I can listen to BBC 5 Live radio wherever I am.  I was amazed to discover that BBC don’t have a radio application for the iPhone.  Using FStream is the recommended alternative and works fine, though is a bit fiddly to set up.

So am I still impressed?  My only real complaint would be the 3G service (or rather lack of) in this area.  I was hoping to be able to catch up with my Social Media when out walking the dog over the local fields, but the 3G service or even ‘Edge’ service is a bit flaky round here.  Having said that, it will still be useful when waiting for the children at their various clubs round the county.

I do like the way that the apps give a snapshot view of site.  For example, the LinkedIn app allows me to nominate contacts as ‘favourites’ so that I can just see the updates from my favourites.  Status updates are displayed separately from profile updates.  This means that I can quickly browser the updates to see what my contacts are doing.  I can comment on the updates or just get an overview of what my contacts are doing.

The safari internet browser works well – I will build up a set of favourites over time.  Zooming in and out on the pages is easer and the screen makes the text very easy to use.

I’m very impressed with the keyboard on the iPhone.  I find it very easy to type, though I would say that my husband who has thick fingers does find it more difficult.  I would recommend that you try one out before buying if you have any doubt.

So all is still good with the iPhone4 – just a case of building on those applications now.